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Web programming expert! Learn how to be a web developer

The IT industry is attracting attention as a major high-tech industry in Korea and around the world. This trend is probably why more and more students want to go to the Department of Computer Engineering. As a result, more and more students are dreaming of becoming web programming experts, or web developers.

In this posting, I would like to inform you about web developers who are said to be experts in web programming. I’ll introduce you to everything including what kind of job it is, what it does and how it works.

Web developer, who are you?

First of all, I think I should explain what web programming is. Web development or web programming is the creation of static or dynamic web applications.

Here, web applications refer to portal sites such as Naver, Daum Kakao, and Google, e-commerce sites such as Coupang and Amazon, and social networking websites such as Facebook and Instagram.


It’s comfortable to think that every platform we access through a browser (chrome, explorer, etc.) is a web application.

Web developers are experts in creating and maintaining these sites. The portal sites and social network services that we use every single day are all web developers’ work.

what one does

Basically, what web developers do is create sites through web programming. If you look at the details, there are so many different things that we do, so we classify the tasks.

There are five types of tasks: front-end, back-end, publisher, DBA, and full stack, and what you do depends on what you do.

front-end developer

-> Design a method to allow the information that appears when loading pages from your browser to interact with you.

back-end developer

-> This refers to dealing with what happens in your browser. I think it can be considered that the command (click, etc.) requested by the user works well.


Web Publisher

-> Place and design the information and various pictures that appear when loading pages in your browser.


-> DBA stands for Database Administrator. Build, repair, and back up the data used to build your home page.

Full Stack Developer

-> Do all the overall work of web programming, from front-end to back-end to publisher to DBA.

How to be

Since web developers’ main job is web programming, anyone can be recognized for their web programming skills by the IT company they want to work for.

I think the most easy way is to go to the Department of Computer Engineering and gradually develop your web programming skills. It would be nice to gain experience by participating in program making competitions along with university studies.

Sometimes, non-major students often become web developers by studying computer programming through state-funded education or coding academies, even though they are late. High school graduates also take several months of state-funded training and join IT companies as web developers.


If you go to an academy or university and obtain an information processing driver’s license or an information processing industry driver’s license, you will be able to gain a more advantageous position for employment in an IT company.

Web programming professionals and web developers are well organized, right? I hope this posting helped those who are interested in this job and students who dream of entering this job.




Five Linux distributions for developers

More and more developers are using Linux desktops as a development environment. Accordingly, GDNet in the U.S. recently selected and introduced a Linux distribution that is good for programming.

Open-source software reporter Stephen Bogan Nichols cited Fedora, Archilinux, Genturinux, Kalilinux, and System Rescue as good desktop Linux for programming.

Stephen Bogan Nichols said he selected the distribution based on his 29 years of experience with Linux. “If you’re reading this article on an Android phone or Chromebook, you’re using Linux,” he said. “There’s a Linux distribution that needs expertise to make the most of it.”

“As a programmer, engineer, and system developer trying to make the most of Linux, you want to push your computer as far as possible as a power user,” he said. “Here’s a distribution for you.”

Fedora: Best Linux Distribution for Programming

Fedora provides developer portals and tools, the latest Linux kernel, and an integrated development environment (IDE).

Red Hat’s community Linux distribution, Pedora, is the most highly regarded desktop Linux overall. It uses the latest version of the Linux kernel to configure open source components.

The biggest reason why Fedora is a good choice for developers can be explained as “Linux used by Linus Torvalds.” Linus Torvalds is using Fedora as his flagship desktop.

Fedora Workstation
Pedora is very easy to install and set up. You can start and run Linux without having to be an expert.

Fedora’s developer portal provides a dedicated guide to command line, desktop, mobile, and web app development.

The Fedora developer portal also includes guides for hardware development such as Arduino and Raspberry Pie. Eclipse is available as IDE for Java, C/C++, PHP, etc. Development tools such as reproducible and implantable containers or Baygrant, which creates a virtual machine (VM)-based development environment, are also provided.

Fedora is the first choice for development Linux unless you have to use the Debian and Ubuntu product lines.

The downside is that it is difficult to update to a new version. Because it is state-of-the-art, it may experience problems with software backward compatibility.

Arch Linux, Manzaro Linux: If you want absolute control,

Arch Linux supports multiple kernels simultaneously and can use GUI such as GNOME, KDE Plasma, and XFCE.

Arch Linux is a good choice if you want your Linux desktop to work and display exactly as you want it to. Arch Linux can control everything.

Arch Linux’s slogan is ‘Keep it simple’. The problem is that it is too simple for the starting user. Arch Linux initially only shows the command shell. How to use the entire desktop environment depends entirely on user choice and optimization. Accurate requirements and environments can be obtained with sweat and effort. This process is not easy, but you can get help from the Archwiki document site. It’s tough, but once you’re done with this process, you’ll have your own desktop.

오피 플런 | 런피플 매거진은 아치 리눅스를 기반으로 제작되었습니다.”

Manzaro Linux GNOME Environment
It is also possible to use Manjaro Linux if the work of Archinux feels too much. This distribution is based on Archilinux and is aimed at easy use. It provides GNOME, KDE, and XFCE as official desktop environments.

Manzaro Linux is also an easy-to-switch distribution for Linux kernels. It supports multiple kernels at the same time, and when you select the kernel from the boot menu after rebooting the system, it goes to the desktop using the new kernel.

This may not be necessary for many developers. However, Manjaro Linux is a good choice for developers who want to test multiple Linux kernels.

The downside is that there are so many things that users have to define themselves that they can be overwhelmed from the beginning to take a light approach.

Gentu Savayon Linux: Best Source Code-Based Options

Gentoo Linux is a source code-based distribution. Gentoo does not provide an installation program. The developer of Gentoo says, “You’re the installer.” This means that users can decide everything they want at their disposal. Let’s use the Jentoo handbook for now. If you are not a Gentoo expert, I suggest you keep running your handbook on another computer.

After starting Gentoo, you should also learn the Portage Package system. Gentoo does not have binary software packaging systems such as Red Hat’s RPM and Debian’s APT. Portage is based on source code. For example, if you want to install a program on a portage, you need to compile the source code of the application on your computer. It is also possible to edit the source using customizing the USE flag.

Like the relationship between Archie and Manzaro, Gentoo also has the option of Sabayon Linux. Sabayon Linux makes it easy to write programs for Gentoo Linux.

Gentoo Linux
Sabayon replaces a number of decisions that users have to make on their own in Gentoo. It does not give as much control as Gentoo, but it can directly control a lot.

Sabayon will change its name to “Mocaccino OS” in the future. It uses ‘Luet’, a new container-based packaging system. It is recommended that only experienced developers use Mokacino OS as a beta stage.

Carly Linux: A Distribution for Security Professionals and Hackers

Kali Linux was designed for hacking. The advantage is that it is easy to set up and install based on Debian

Carly Linux is designed to focus on penetration testing and hacking because it includes several hacking tools. Thanks to the American drama “Mr. Robot” starring Rami Malek, Kalinux became famous for its hacking distribution.

Carly Linux was created by developers of Offensive Security, a security company. It is in historical context with the Knoppix-based digital forensics and penetration test package backtrack.

Carly Linux Desktop GNOME Environment
The installation and setup of Carly Linux is as easy as the Debian distribution. The basic software package will be installed in a different process. For example, it does not provide basic software such as Libreophis, a basic office suite, or Thunderbird, an email client.

Instead, it provides security programs such as OWASP ZAP, which attacks websites due to security issues, SQLMAP, which automates detection and abuse of SQL injection vulnerabilities, and THC Hydra, a crypto cracker.

Using Carly Linux doesn’t make you a hacker or a security expert. You should have basic computer knowledge, coding skills, and security knowledge. Cali only provides the tools and expert requirements needed to get started.

System Rescue: Deployment Required to Bring Dead PCs to Life

The system Rescue can be booted from a USB drive, a DVD drive, or a CD drive. It includes GNU Parted, ddrescue, rsync, etc. It is useful for rebooting old computers.

System Rescue is a Linux distribution for computer repair. It is also called the System Rescue CD and is designed to repair old-fashioned computers.

Tim smith’s web developer blog

Web Developer Prospects

Web Developer Prospects, Differences Between Failures and Successful People

Most people who are preparing for developers are 100% qualified, so there are very few people who do it. I’m so lucky to have found my aptitude, and if it were in the IT field, it would have been even more amazing But I think it’s good to look at the future, so I usually start.

“Why do they look at the prospects of web developers in a good way?”

A constantly evolving structure

The speed of technology is getting faster and it’s software, not hardware, that drives this speed. Software without restrictions such as physical space and time is evolving. There’s no break in IT It’s a field that will continue to develop.

Common language around the world

Computer languages are the same in any country in the world. From the past to the present to the future, the programming language we use now is the same. Of course, new languages can come out over time, but the framework won’t be much different from the programming languages we use today.



Web Developer Prospects, Differences Between Failures and Successful People
Web Developer Prospects, Differences Between Failures and Successful People

skill-oriented recruitment

Competency-oriented recruitment is a recruitment method that is being carried out by many IT companies in Korea, and typically companies based on IT platforms such as Nekarakubae. In less than a decade, it’s grown tremendously. This skill-oriented recruitment played a role in the foundation.

Is everyone going to succeed?

Everyone goes to a large company and doesn’t get 100 million won a year. This is a natural story, and if you think about our school days, even if we take the same class in the same classroom, someone might go to Seoul National University and someone might not be able to go to college What should be pointed out here is that if there was a result of college because there was a steady effort in elementary, middle, and high school, those who want to start with the IT field have a short time to narrow the gap.

The starting line for those preparing to get a job is all different.

⇒ It changes from age to various specifications such as academic background. You may have invested time and effort to create these specifications, but many areas employ these specifications based on them, so there are many challenges when you start a new field.

However, the IT sector takes a short time to reduce the difference.

⇒ In terms of actual completion time of the major course in computer engineering, it is only 50 hours per semester. Converting the classes required by actual developers into time, it is only 500 to 600 hours for four years. How long does it take for a non-major to gain the same level of knowledge as a major?

  • 6 hours a day x 5 days a week = 30 hours

I mean, it’s possible for 20 weeks (5 months).

That’s why many academies offer 500 to 600 hours of state-funded education, and when you complete it, you will have a similar level of knowledge to your major.

Here’s the problem! If it’s similar to your major, will you get a 100% job?

⇒ This separates the successful from the unsuccessful. Half a year is really just the minimum requirement for me to learn at a computer science college, and depending on how much more I prepare for here, I’m going to be divided into success and just that employment or failure.

  • For those who have prepared for a year or more in time, the compensation for it is definitely to be employed by a company that receives annual salary and treatment.

▶32 million won to 40 million won

  • If you’ve prepared a minimum of five to six months, you’re just getting a job at a company like that, usually small and medium-sized companies.

▶ Less than 30 million won

  • Those who give up halfway without preparing the minimum amount of time will not be able to get a job or get a job at an outsourcing company.

▶ 24 million to 26 million won

In the end, time investment and effort are the answer unless you are born with it.

⇒ Both front-end developers who need rapid change in line with trends and back-end developers who need meticulousness are web developers who can do both.

▶ What if you’re a beginner?

Decide between the front and back end

▶ What if you’re a non-major?

Plan for at least a year

▶ What if you lack academic ability? (High school graduate)

Think about improving your education after getting a job first

What if you don’t have a ▶ license?

It’s not a priority. Don’t get tied up

Oracle Java Training Center

Oracle Java Training Center

The Oracle Java Education Center provides training for Java and Oracle Web Development employees optimized for IT trends.

The Oracle Java Education Center, an IT educational institution, said it would provide employees with a “Java Web Development Training Course.”

The Java Web Development Executive Course at the Oracle Java Education Center is a web development SW/W course that utilizes one of the most actively used programs (Java).

Training is provided to the incumbent and unemployed, and state funding is provided.

The training schedule is a short-term curriculum with a total of 10 days. In addition, there are training programs for employees such as OracleDB, Python machine learning, C# applications, and front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

If you apply for classes other than collective education for incumbent employees, you can check the place and schedule you want and collect customized curriculum.

In addition, IT practical training for businesses, public institutions, and schools can be provided depending on the environment.

According to the Oracle Java Education Center, education in various fields related to the IT industry is taking place amid the change of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In line with rapidly changing technologies, companies continue to discover and nurture talented developers.

As non-face-to-face services have been activated since the COVID-19 incident, interest in the IT field is increasing, and the government plans to launch a large-scale science and technology construction project. In particular, the demand for Java developers continues to increase in the domestic market with high Java usage rates.

In fact, IT companies are eager to hire Java developers. This is because the infrastructure for using Java in the e-government framework is well established.

An official from the Oracle https://2runbest.net Java Education Center said, “The Oracle Java Education Center develops and introduces a step-by-step curriculum optimized for practice through consultation with professional professors from leading companies in Korea.””

He also added, “In the case of public officials’ state-funded courses, excellent SW developers in various IT fields are practically and field-centered based on education contents that can be applied and applied directly to the field.” an educational curriculum”


오피Git Hub

오피Git, Git Hub에 대해 알아보자

개발자에게 꼭 필요한 오피Git, Git Hub에 대해 알아보겠습니다.

혼자 프로젝트를 할 때 오피Git, Git Hub,

개발 중입니다.

그리고 팀원들과 프로젝트를 할 때

함께 협력하십시오.

오늘은 오피Git, Git Hub의 개념

친구들과 레포트를 작성할 때 위에서 친구들과 함께 레포트를 작성한 적이 있습니까? 위의 경우와 유사하게 수정일자를 앞에 붙이는 방법이 있습니다. 그러나 매번 복사하는 것은 번거롭고 실수할 가능성이 높습니다.

그리고 위의 그림과 같이 특별한 규칙 없이 이름만 입력하면 어떤 파일이 최신 상태이고 어떤 부분이 변경되었는지 파악하기 어렵습니다.

개발 과정에서 이러한 문제를 해결하기 위해 만들어진 것이 Git과 같은 버전 관리 시스템입니다.

힘내 란 무엇입니까?

Linus Torvalds가 2005년에 만든 분산 버전 관리 시스템입니다. 많은 기업이 오피Git으로 관리하고 개발자가 알아야 하는 기술 중 하나입니다.

오피Git은 소프트웨어를 개발하는 회사의 핵심 자산인 소스 코드를 효과적으로 관리할 수 있는 무료 공개 소프트웨어입니다. 구성 관리 도구를 사용하면 변경 사항을 쉽게 되돌릴 수 있습니다. 소스 코드를 과거의 특정 시점으로 되돌리거나, 특정 시점에서 변경을 취소하거나, 두 버전의 소스 코드를 비교할 수 있습니다.

SVN에 비해 장점이 많기 때문에 SVN을 사용하던 개발 조직들이 하나 둘씩 오피Git으로 옮기고 있다.

오피Git Hub

SVN과 오피Git의 차이점

오피Git과 SVN의 차이점은 분산 관리 시스템이라는 것입니다.
SVN : 중앙 서버에 소스 코드 및 기록을 저장하는 것이 과도함
Git: 여러 개발 PC 및 리포지토리에 분산된 소스 코드 저장
따라서 중앙 서버에 장애가 발생하더라도 로컬 저장소에 커밋할 수 있으며 로컬 저장소를 사용하여 중앙 저장소를 복원할 수 있습니다.
Git은 복사본이 로컬에서 관리되기 때문에 SVN보다 훨씬 빠릅니다(SVN은 단일 변경 로그를 보려면 인터넷을 통과해야 함).
공식 사이트의 Git 기능
분산 개발
각 개발자를 위해 로컬로 전체 개발 이력의 사본을 제공하고 변경된 이력을 다시 하나의 저장소에 복사하십시오.
이러한 변경 사항은 추가 개발 포인트를 가져와 로컬 개발 포인트와 동일한 방식으로 병합할 수 있습니다. 저장소는 Git 프로토콜 및 HTTP를 통해 (특별한 웹 서버 구성 없이) 쉽고 효율적으로 액세스할 수 있습니다.
비선형 개발에 대한 강력한 지원
빠르고 편리한 용어 분기 및 병합 지원과 비선형(다중 분기) 개발 기록을 시각화하고 탐색하기 위한 강력한 도구를 제공합니다.
대규모 프로젝트의 효율적인 처리
Git은 대규모 프로젝트나 역사적 작업에 매우 빠르고 매우 합리적입니다. Git의 다른 대부분의 버전 관리 시스템보다 빠르게 요청합니다. 그리고 일부 작업에서는 더 빠르게 진행됩니다.
또한 최근의 최상위 오픈 소스 버전 관리 시스템보다 장기적인 수정을 위해 고효율 압축 방식을 사용합니다.
이력의 암호 인증
Git의 이력은 성공적인 개발 이력의 커밋에 의해 수정된 이름으로 저장됩니다. 한번 배포되면 본인도 모르게 구버전으로 변경이 불가능합니다. 또한 암호화할 수 있습니다.
툴킷 디자인
UNIX 전통에 따르면 Git은 C로 작성된 소규모 도구의 대규모 모음입니다. 그리고 많은 스크립트가 기능 강화를 제공합니다. Git은 새롭고 독창적인 작업을 위한 쉬운 사용과 쉬운 스크립팅을 위한 UI 도구를 제공합니다.

일반적인 무료 Git 저장소입니다. 2008년 처음 출시됐다. 원래는 오픈 프로젝트만 무료, 클로즈드 프로젝트는 유료였으나 마이크로소프트 인수 이후 2019년 1월 초부터 프라이빗 스토리지를 무료로 제공하기 시작했다. 2020년 4월 중순부터 비

오픈 스토리지에서 협업 자수에 대한 제한도 해제되었습니다.

Git 허브를 사용하는 방법

Git Hub 페이지로 이동하여 회원으로 등록하지 않으셨다면 회원가입 후 로그인을 해주세요.

그런 다음 저장소를 만듭니다.

New Repository 버튼을 누르면 위와 같은 화면이 됩니다. 저장소 이름을 테스트하고 공개 설정을 ‘공개’로 설정합니다. 그리고 “README 파일 추가” 버튼을 체크합니다.

readme.md 파일은 이 저장소의 흐름 및 콘텐츠 설명을 구성하는 마크다운 파일입니다.

아래에서 gitignore를 선택하면 커밋할 수 없도록 업로드하면 안 되는 폴더를 지정합니다.

그러면 github 저장소에 생성된 것을 볼 수 있습니다.

이 로컬 PC와 함께 우리만의 로컬 PC를 가져갑시다.

유휴 “VS 코드”를 사용하여 연습하겠습니다.

Git으로 소스 코드 파일을 관리하려면 먼저 Git 리포지토리를 초기화해야 합니다. 리포지토리를 초기화하는 데 사용되는 명령은 git init입니다. 반면 GitHub에서 오픈소스를 개발하거나 이미 생성된 프로젝트의 개발에 참여할 때 git clone t를 사용합니다.

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What major and job can I choose as a coding-related job applicant?

With the development of computing technology, companies’ demand for skilled developers is increasing endlessly. In addition, the number of people who want to get a job in the IT/tech field of men and women of all ages is steadily increasing. In response, Forbes, a leading U.S. economic magazine, explained information related to professional career experiences for those who want to find coding-related jobs.

a major that is advantageous for building coding-related professional experience

First of all, some companies require bachelor’s degrees, but most of them can apply for coding jobs even if they do not have a related degree. In fact, many people learn programming languages and coding theories using bootcamps and online courses. However, if you get a degree in coding-related fields, you can build a solid foundation for your knowledge in the field, which will help you get a job in coding jobs.

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Then, if you want to learn in-depth coding-related knowledge that can be helpful in practice, what major should you choose in college? Forbes chose the following major as an advantageous major in building a professional career related to coding.

coding job

▲ Computer Science
A degree in computer science can develop the ability to solve various daily problems using technology. You will learn smartphone app development, data analysis, and user information security.

▲ Computer Programming
Computer programming majors cover a variety of subjects such as coding, web development, app development, game development, data analysis, mobile computing, and programming languages.

▲ Information Technology
If you major in information technology, you can develop various important skills in information technology such as system analysis and design, networking principles, and programming.

▲ Computer Engineering
The Department of Computer Science teaches hardware and software development, digital signal processing, networking, computer system engineering, robotics, and digital processing.

▲ Data Science
By majoring in data science, you can learn about data interpretation, machine learning, software tools, data analysis, data manipulation, computer science, and statistics using statistical models and algorithms.

▲ Software Engineering
Software engineering provides training in programming methodology, data analysis, programming language, digital system design, artificial intelligence, machine learning, software validation, and software architecture.

Then, what kind of jobs can I get a job with coding skills? Forbes noted that coding-related career paths vary and that the outlook is bright due to the high demand for human resources from companies. Subsequently, major occupations were selected as follows.

▲ Machine Learning Engineer
Machine learning engineers are responsible for designing and developing artificial intelligence systems for task automation. The average annual salary of a machine learning engineer is about $112,000.

▲ Mobile Applications Developer
Mobile app developers develop mobile apps through coding, and allow apps to work smoothly on multiple devices and platforms. The average basic salary for mobile app developers is about $75,000.

▲ Computer Programmer
Computer programmers develop computer applications and software. They write code and scripts. In addition, software is operated smoothly through software debugging and performance monitoring. The average annual salary of a computer programmer is about $66,000.

▲ Software Developer
Software developers work to build computer applications and improve existing systems to ensure that the functions of multiple networks and devices run properly. The average annual salary of a software developer is about $74,000.

▲ UX Designer
UX designers communicate with other designers, developers, PMs, and customers to design services that provide user-friendly and enjoyable experiences. The average annual salary of a UX designer is about $76,000.

▲ Software Engineer
Software engineers also collaborate with other developers, programmers, and designers. They improve several software functions, automation, and design elements to ensure that the entire service operates properly. The average annual salary for a software engineer is about $89,000.

▲ Data Engineer
Data engineers provide solutions for optimizing data utilization and improving accessibility. They analyze data to write reports and create dashboards and tools for customers based on them. The average annual salary for a data engineer is about $93,000.

▲ Web Developer
Web developers use coding to create and maintain websites. Web developers also deal with both technical and design elements and perform tasks related to user interfaces, navigation functions, accessibility functions, and software testing. The average annual salary of a web developer is about $61,000.



Web Developer

Canada’s First Job Offer – Web Developer, and the Worry It Started…

Canada’s First Job Offer

On August 10, he finally received his first Job Offer in Canada. Interestingly, it was a Web Developer position that started studying anew in May 2021 while preparing a portfolio website. Although I put my resume in various places such as network, system, security, and IT analyst, I was embarrassed because I was in the position where I lacked the most skills and started less than three months ago, but it was also a meaningful job offer that taught me that there is nothing I should do hard.

Because the company here was located in downtown, it was a very close and good opportunity for me living in downtown. I thought it was a good opportunity to have a working experience as a developer, especially because I had experience in network security and graduated from the IT security department, but I had some dreams as a developer.

Job Offer TimeLine

June 25 – Resume Support
July 7 – Consultation on telephone interview schedule
July 9 – Conduct telephone interview (15 minutes)
July 10 – 1st acceptance and 2nd interview (video interview) schedule discussion
July 13 – Video interview through Skype (60 minutes –> 80 minutes)
July 23 – July 29: Passed the second interview. Consultation on annual salary and working conditions
July 30: 3 referral requests for information (former job manager, 1 project manager, 1 school friend)
August 5: Video call with 3 referrals (in time for Korean time)
August 10: Job Offer Mail

Web Developer offer

After getting Job Offer…

I received Canada’s first Job Offer that I’ve been waiting for, but I had a big problem. This is because I was waiting for Job Offer after finishing the final interview with a job that I was more interested in and better conditions.

Occupational Web Developer Jr. IT Analyst IT support Analyst
Salary 2, 3, 1
What you do Create and manage your company’s home page – Plan and carry out internal IT projects

  • Manage and deploy your company’s network
  • IT Support – IT Support
  • Building IT Infrastructure
    Advantages – Developer job experience available
  • Downtown (5-7 mins walk)
  • Contract confirmed (under contract review) – personal project progress time provided
  • Free use of working hours
  • Good Internet Assessment – Full-time Worker
  • best paid
  • Company credit rating is high
    Disadvantages – Contractors (Discussions on future extensions)
  • a fixed working hour
  • Poor Company Rating (Other Occupations) – Job Offer Waiting
  • Contract workers (transition to full-time employees after 4 months)
  • 40 minutes to work (bus near home) – Job offer unknown
  • Location is far (bus transfer required)
  • 1-2 business trips to Admonton per month

However, at this time, it was a very difficult time to find a job due to COVID-19, so it was not easy to reject the Job Offer that came in now. The time given to me by the company is only one week… We had to make a decision within a week, so it was unclear whether another company would come within that time.

In fact, the order of priority was Company B > Company C > Company A. In fact, the reason why I was worried about this is because of Company B. It is a job that I wanted to do the most, and I wanted to pass because various welfare and benefits were okay. Company B, in particular, had the biggest advantages of giving four hours a week for personal projects and flexible working hours (weekdays off and working on weekends) that allowed them to freely use 40 hours a week. Here, I received an email from the IT manager saying that I wanted to give a Job Offer, but it was also attached that the progress was delayed due to internal problems of the company. At this time of anxiety, I wonder if it’s right to trust and wait for the manager, and what if the Job Offer is canceled and I miss it all… And Company C is also currently waiting for acceptance. I’m really starting to get mixed up in my head.

As a result, I thought that we should wait as long as we can for a week before deciding. I decided to start working at Company A, which received Job Offer, if I didn’t hear from another company within a week because the timing was so unstable. I will be able to find a new job while working, so I decided to give up my greed and proceed one by one.

Web Developer job offer

As we wrap this up…

I think everyone is having a hard time these days. I had a really hard time, too. I started looking for a job in January 2021, and many interviews were finally scheduled in March, starting with my first interview in February, but all interviews were canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the second week of March. Since then, the tragic situation continued until after graduation, and I spent most of my budget on tuition, so I had to go to Korea if I couldn’t find a job until November 2021, and I had a really hard time finding a job in Korea and planning to go back to Korea.

I thought I could get permanent residency in a way other than an IT job, so I worked in warehouse organizing and went to Admonton as a team leader with a broken toe. I had a lot of experiences and thought about it. What I felt while doing this was that I didn’t want to lose my IT career that I’ve experienced and studied so far, and I decided to stop all activities and set November as the Maginot Line and do my best until the end.

At that time, it was to create a portfolio website, and at that time, the announcement for developer positions such as Web Developer was continuously coming out, so I started to apply for developer jobs by studying on my own and producing the website. Starting with the basics, I think we worked really hard on it. I focused on web development and coding from morning to early evening, and in the late evening, I revised and supplemented my resume in all areas of IT, including developers, IT support, networks, systems, security, and IT analysts.

About a month later, I got an interview and started receiving Job Offer one by one. I think 2021 is a year where I learned a lot of lessons. It was the worst year for me to feel depressed and constantly negative about myself as I went to the bottom of my life, but the importance of my family and wife in Korea who believed in me and always supported me during this time. And the preciousness and gratitude of true friends who give courage and help until the end. I think it’s a year that made me think and realize a lot of things that I didn’t usually think about.

At this moment, many people are probably going through a hard time in their job search, but there is a saying that their efforts will not betray them. If you trust yourself and prepare and work hard, you will definitely get good results. Please think that you are studying for 6 months to 1 year and don’t lose your direction and keep trying.

And the current situation is not because I’m not good enough or bad, but because of the pandemic that the individual can’t control due to Covid, everyone is experiencing. Please don’t blame yourself and have a positive mind that you can always do it.

I hope 2021 will be filled with happy days and for those who are looking for jobs, I wish you success in finding a job.