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Web Developer Prospects

Web Developer Prospects, Differences Between Failures and Successful People

Most people who are preparing for developers are 100% qualified, so there are very few people who do it. I’m so lucky to have found my aptitude, and if it were in the IT field, it would have been even more amazing But I think it’s good to look at the future, so I usually start.

“Why do they look at the prospects of web developers in a good way?”

A constantly evolving structure

The speed of technology is getting faster and it’s software, not hardware, that drives this speed. Software without restrictions such as physical space and time is evolving. There’s no break in IT It’s a field that will continue to develop.

Common language around the world

Computer languages are the same in any country in the world. From the past to the present to the future, the programming language we use now is the same. Of course, new languages can come out over time, but the framework won’t be much different from the programming languages we use today.



Web Developer Prospects, Differences Between Failures and Successful People
Web Developer Prospects, Differences Between Failures and Successful People

skill-oriented recruitment

Competency-oriented recruitment is a recruitment method that is being carried out by many IT companies in Korea, and typically companies based on IT platforms such as Nekarakubae. In less than a decade, it’s grown tremendously. This skill-oriented recruitment played a role in the foundation.

Is everyone going to succeed?

Everyone goes to a large company and doesn’t get 100 million won a year. This is a natural story, and if you think about our school days, even if we take the same class in the same classroom, someone might go to Seoul National University and someone might not be able to go to college What should be pointed out here is that if there was a result of college because there was a steady effort in elementary, middle, and high school, those who want to start with the IT field have a short time to narrow the gap.

The starting line for those preparing to get a job is all different.

⇒ It changes from age to various specifications such as academic background. You may have invested time and effort to create these specifications, but many areas employ these specifications based on them, so there are many challenges when you start a new field.

However, the IT sector takes a short time to reduce the difference.

⇒ In terms of actual completion time of the major course in computer engineering, it is only 50 hours per semester. Converting the classes required by actual developers into time, it is only 500 to 600 hours for four years. How long does it take for a non-major to gain the same level of knowledge as a major?

  • 6 hours a day x 5 days a week = 30 hours

I mean, it’s possible for 20 weeks (5 months).

That’s why many academies offer 500 to 600 hours of state-funded education, and when you complete it, you will have a similar level of knowledge to your major.

Here’s the problem! If it’s similar to your major, will you get a 100% job?

⇒ This separates the successful from the unsuccessful. Half a year is really just the minimum requirement for me to learn at a computer science college, and depending on how much more I prepare for here, I’m going to be divided into success and just that employment or failure.

  • For those who have prepared for a year or more in time, the compensation for it is definitely to be employed by a company that receives annual salary and treatment.

▶32 million won to 40 million won

  • If you’ve prepared a minimum of five to six months, you’re just getting a job at a company like that, usually small and medium-sized companies.

▶ Less than 30 million won

  • Those who give up halfway without preparing the minimum amount of time will not be able to get a job or get a job at an outsourcing company.

▶ 24 million to 26 million won

In the end, time investment and effort are the answer unless you are born with it.

⇒ Both front-end developers who need rapid change in line with trends and back-end developers who need meticulousness are web developers who can do both.

▶ What if you’re a beginner?

Decide between the front and back end

▶ What if you’re a non-major?

Plan for at least a year

▶ What if you lack academic ability? (High school graduate)

Think about improving your education after getting a job first

What if you don’t have a ▶ license?

It’s not a priority. Don’t get tied up