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Web programming expert! Learn how to be a web developer

The IT industry is attracting attention as a major high-tech industry in Korea and around the world. This trend is probably why more and more students want to go to the Department of Computer Engineering. As a result, more and more students are dreaming of becoming web programming experts, or web developers.

In this posting, I would like to inform you about web developers who are said to be experts in web programming. I’ll introduce you to everything including what kind of job it is, what it does and how it works.

Web developer, who are you?

First of all, I think I should explain what web programming is. Web development or web programming is the creation of static or dynamic web applications.

Here, web applications refer to portal sites such as Naver, Daum Kakao, and Google, e-commerce sites such as Coupang and Amazon, and social networking websites such as Facebook and Instagram.


It’s comfortable to think that every platform we access through a browser (chrome, explorer, etc.) is a web application.

Web developers are experts in creating and maintaining these sites. The portal sites and social network services that we use every single day are all web developers’ work.

what one does

Basically, what web developers do is create sites through web programming. If you look at the details, there are so many different things that we do, so we classify the tasks.

There are five types of tasks: front-end, back-end, publisher, DBA, and full stack, and what you do depends on what you do.

front-end developer

-> Design a method to allow the information that appears when loading pages from your browser to interact with you.

back-end developer

-> This refers to dealing with what happens in your browser. I think it can be considered that the command (click, etc.) requested by the user works well.


Web Publisher

-> Place and design the information and various pictures that appear when loading pages in your browser.


-> DBA stands for Database Administrator. Build, repair, and back up the data used to build your home page.

Full Stack Developer

-> Do all the overall work of web programming, from front-end to back-end to publisher to DBA.

How to be

Since web developers’ main job is web programming, anyone can be recognized for their web programming skills by the IT company they want to work for.

I think the most easy way is to go to the Department of Computer Engineering and gradually develop your web programming skills. It would be nice to gain experience by participating in program making competitions along with university studies.

Sometimes, non-major students often become web developers by studying computer programming through state-funded education or coding academies, even though they are late. High school graduates also take several months of state-funded training and join IT companies as web developers.


If you go to an academy or university and obtain an information processing driver’s license or an information processing industry driver’s license, you will be able to gain a more advantageous position for employment in an IT company.

Web programming professionals and web developers are well organized, right? I hope this posting helped those who are interested in this job and students who dream of entering this job.