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silk therapy 실크테라피

Silktherapy 실크테라피 – ‘Pet Aromatherapy’, take care of our dog’s summer

You may have experienced that when you smell a certain scent, you feel better.

To be more precise, if you know the ingredients of the natural aromatic substances of aroma (essential) oil and use them in a timely manner, you can expect positive effects such as psychological stability and health maintenance and promotion in your daily life.

This is the ‘aromatherapy’ we often talk about.

In the US, UK, and Germany, ‘Aromatherapy’ is already one of the oldest ‘alternative medicine’.

Furthermore, ‘Aromatherapy’ is being applied not only to humans but also to companion animals, which has been in the spotlight recently.

It is ‘Pet Aromatherapy’ that manages the health of pets using their innate sense of smell.

Park Mi-mi, the CEO of a social enterprise that researches and develops aromatherapy education and eco-friendly aroma products in Chungju, North Chungcheong Province, also started ‘aromatherapy’ for her companion animal.

With 10 years of experience as an aromatherapist, Mi-mi Park, CEO, introduces the ‘aromatherapy’ method that companions can easily try at home for a healthy summer for their companion animals.

CEO Mi-mi Park, who runs a social enterprise in Chungju, North Chungcheong Province and works as an aromatherapist.

Prepare natural insect repellent, essential for walking in summer

Q. One of the things I worry about a lot when raising pets is mosquitoes and mites in the summer. Please tell me how to get rid of insects using aromatherapy.

Although it has been known for a long time to make insect repellents with aromatic oils, the wrong use of essential oils and plant extracts that are strong enough to repel mosquitoes or ticks can cause problems for pets.

Aromatic oils known to be effective in repelling insects include cinnamon, citronella, and lemongrass.

However, it can cause headaches, irritate the skin and, in small animals, irritate the nervous system.

For pets, it is recommended to use oils that are less irritating and effective than the aromatic oils mentioned above, such as geranium, lavender, and palmarosa.

CEO Park Mi-mi is making insect repellent for companion animals

Making insect repellent is easy.

① Measure 30ml of vegetable alcohol in a cleanly sterilized container.

② Add 10 drops each of lavender and geranium essential oils that are effective in repelling insects.

③ After mixing alcohol and essential oil well, fill with 70ml of purified water (or lavender hydrosol).

If you use it after aging for about a week, you will get a richer fragrance.

This natural insect repellent can be used at room temperature for up to 6 months in a shaded brown spray container.

Kosunnae What if I want to protect the paws of my dog?

Aromatherapy can be applied to paw pads stimulation and burns after a pet walk.

Q. I sometimes get burns on my skin and soles when I go for a walk in the summer. Can ‘Aromatherapy’ help?

Yes, hydrosol can be applied to irritated skin to quickly soothe the skin.

Hydrosol (floral water) is a water-soluble substance obtained during the distillation of essential oils from plants.

Hydrosol contains about 0.02% of aromatic substances dissolved in it, so it can be safely used for dogs and cats.

Keeping the hydrosol refrigerated and applying it to the irritated skin using a soft towel or cotton pad is effective in reducing heat or inflammation.

Alternatively, using hydrosol and vegetable oil (olive oil) to make an aloe vera moisture gel is also helpful.

‘The power of fragrance’ feels safe

Q. Please point out if there are points to be aware of when applying ‘Aromatherapy’ to pets.

It is known that pets have a sense of smell that is hundreds of times greater than that of humans, and more than 100 million times, depending on the breed.

This means that scents that are invisible to humans can be very strong scents for pets.

When applying ‘Aromatherapy’ to pets, it is most important to use aroma products that are safely blended based on companion animals.

As companion animals age, unknown skin problems, lipomas, and inflammation are increasing.

The older the dog, the safer aroma oil should be used, and the dilution rate should be carefully considered.

For the use of aroma oil, it is recommended to use about 3% of the essential oil for healthy adults, and dilute it up to 0.5% for pets.