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Web Developer

Canada’s First Job Offer – Web Developer, and the Worry It Started…

Canada’s First Job Offer

On August 10, he finally received his first Job Offer in Canada. Interestingly, it was a Web Developer position that started studying anew in May 2021 while preparing a portfolio website. Although I put my resume in various places such as network, system, security, and IT analyst, I was embarrassed because I was in the position where I lacked the most skills and started less than three months ago, but it was also a meaningful job offer that taught me that there is nothing I should do hard.

Because the company here was located in downtown, it was a very close and good opportunity for me living in downtown. I thought it was a good opportunity to have a working experience as a developer, especially because I had experience in network security and graduated from the IT security department, but I had some dreams as a developer.

Job Offer TimeLine

June 25 – Resume Support
July 7 – Consultation on telephone interview schedule
July 9 – Conduct telephone interview (15 minutes)
July 10 – 1st acceptance and 2nd interview (video interview) schedule discussion
July 13 – Video interview through Skype (60 minutes –> 80 minutes)
July 23 – July 29: Passed the second interview. Consultation on annual salary and working conditions
July 30: 3 referral requests for information (former job manager, 1 project manager, 1 school friend)
August 5: Video call with 3 referrals (in time for Korean time)
August 10: Job Offer Mail

Web Developer offer

After getting Job Offer…

I received Canada’s first Job Offer that I’ve been waiting for, but I had a big problem. This is because I was waiting for Job Offer after finishing the final interview with a job that I was more interested in and better conditions.

Occupational Web Developer Jr. IT Analyst IT support Analyst
Salary 2, 3, 1
What you do Create and manage your company’s home page – Plan and carry out internal IT projects

  • Manage and deploy your company’s network
  • IT Support – IT Support
  • Building IT Infrastructure
    Advantages – Developer job experience available
  • Downtown (5-7 mins walk)
  • Contract confirmed (under contract review) – personal project progress time provided
  • Free use of working hours
  • Good Internet Assessment – Full-time Worker
  • best paid
  • Company credit rating is high
    Disadvantages – Contractors (Discussions on future extensions)
  • a fixed working hour
  • Poor Company Rating (Other Occupations) – Job Offer Waiting
  • Contract workers (transition to full-time employees after 4 months)
  • 40 minutes to work (bus near home) – Job offer unknown
  • Location is far (bus transfer required)
  • 1-2 business trips to Admonton per month

However, at this time, it was a very difficult time to find a job due to COVID-19, so it was not easy to reject the Job Offer that came in now. The time given to me by the company is only one week… We had to make a decision within a week, so it was unclear whether another company would come within that time.

In fact, the order of priority was Company B > Company C > Company A. In fact, the reason why I was worried about this is because of Company B. It is a job that I wanted to do the most, and I wanted to pass because various welfare and benefits were okay. Company B, in particular, had the biggest advantages of giving four hours a week for personal projects and flexible working hours (weekdays off and working on weekends) that allowed them to freely use 40 hours a week. Here, I received an email from the IT manager saying that I wanted to give a Job Offer, but it was also attached that the progress was delayed due to internal problems of the company. At this time of anxiety, I wonder if it’s right to trust and wait for the manager, and what if the Job Offer is canceled and I miss it all… And Company C is also currently waiting for acceptance. I’m really starting to get mixed up in my head.

As a result, I thought that we should wait as long as we can for a week before deciding. I decided to start working at Company A, which received Job Offer, if I didn’t hear from another company within a week because the timing was so unstable. I will be able to find a new job while working, so I decided to give up my greed and proceed one by one.

Web Developer job offer

As we wrap this up…

I think everyone is having a hard time these days. I had a really hard time, too. I started looking for a job in January 2021, and many interviews were finally scheduled in March, starting with my first interview in February, but all interviews were canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the second week of March. Since then, the tragic situation continued until after graduation, and I spent most of my budget on tuition, so I had to go to Korea if I couldn’t find a job until November 2021, and I had a really hard time finding a job in Korea and planning to go back to Korea.

I thought I could get permanent residency in a way other than an IT job, so I worked in warehouse organizing and went to Admonton as a team leader with a broken toe. I had a lot of experiences and thought about it. What I felt while doing this was that I didn’t want to lose my IT career that I’ve experienced and studied so far, and I decided to stop all activities and set November as the Maginot Line and do my best until the end.

At that time, it was to create a portfolio website, and at that time, the announcement for developer positions such as Web Developer was continuously coming out, so I started to apply for developer jobs by studying on my own and producing the website. Starting with the basics, I think we worked really hard on it. I focused on web development and coding from morning to early evening, and in the late evening, I revised and supplemented my resume in all areas of IT, including developers, IT support, networks, systems, security, and IT analysts.

About a month later, I got an interview and started receiving Job Offer one by one. I think 2021 is a year where I learned a lot of lessons. It was the worst year for me to feel depressed and constantly negative about myself as I went to the bottom of my life, but the importance of my family and wife in Korea who believed in me and always supported me during this time. And the preciousness and gratitude of true friends who give courage and help until the end. I think it’s a year that made me think and realize a lot of things that I didn’t usually think about.

At this moment, many people are probably going through a hard time in their job search, but there is a saying that their efforts will not betray them. If you trust yourself and prepare and work hard, you will definitely get good results. Please think that you are studying for 6 months to 1 year and don’t lose your direction and keep trying.

And the current situation is not because I’m not good enough or bad, but because of the pandemic that the individual can’t control due to Covid, everyone is experiencing. Please don’t blame yourself and have a positive mind that you can always do it.

I hope 2021 will be filled with happy days and for those who are looking for jobs, I wish you success in finding a job.