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Oracle Java Training Center

Oracle Java Training Center

The Oracle Java Education Center provides training for Java and Oracle Web Development employees optimized for IT trends.

The Oracle Java Education Center, an IT educational institution, said it would provide employees with a “Java Web Development Training Course.”

The Java Web Development Executive Course at the Oracle Java Education Center is a web development SW/W course that utilizes one of the most actively used programs (Java).

Training is provided to the incumbent and unemployed, and state funding is provided.

The training schedule is a short-term curriculum with a total of 10 days. In addition, there are training programs for employees such as OracleDB, Python machine learning, C# applications, and front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

If you apply for classes other than collective education for incumbent employees, you can check the place and schedule you want and collect customized curriculum.

In addition, IT practical training for businesses, public institutions, and schools can be provided depending on the environment.

According to the Oracle Java Education Center, education in various fields related to the IT industry is taking place amid the change of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In line with rapidly changing technologies, companies continue to discover and nurture talented developers.

As non-face-to-face services have been activated since the COVID-19 incident, interest in the IT field is increasing, and the government plans to launch a large-scale science and technology construction project. In particular, the demand for Java developers continues to increase in the domestic market with high Java usage rates.

In fact, IT companies are eager to hire Java developers. This is because the infrastructure for using Java in the e-government framework is well established.

An official from the Oracle https://2runbest.net Java Education Center said, “The Oracle Java Education Center develops and introduces a step-by-step curriculum optimized for practice through consultation with professional professors from leading companies in Korea.””

He also added, “In the case of public officials’ state-funded courses, excellent SW developers in various IT fields are practically and field-centered based on education contents that can be applied and applied directly to the field.” an educational curriculum”